Our Impact

Having a caring adult can make a lasting difference for a child in foster care.


Hopeful Futures
and Stronger Communities

Children in foster care fare better with a CASA volunteer by their side. Studies have shown that they are:

  • more likely to find a safe, permanent home
  • more likely to succeed in school
  • half as likely to re-enter the foster care system

There are over 400 children in foster care in Kings County, many of them need a volunteer advocate from CASA.

Addressing the Effects of Abuse, Neglect and Other Trauma

For many of the children we serve, their advocate will be the one constant in an otherwise chaotic life.


Research and Effectiveness

Results from CASA/GAL studies selected based on their high methodological quality

Reaching Permanent Homes

CASA volunteers work to help each child reach a safe and stable forever home.

Enabling Children’s Well-Being Over Time

CASA volunteers help children thrive as they grow.

Our Reach

Hundreds of thousands of children have a volunteer by their side. Many more still need one.