The need, our mission and the approach

All of the work we do is on behalf of children, driven by the need, our mission and the approach.


The CASA Model

CASA volunteers are appointed by a judge to advocate for the best interests of the children. Here’s what that means.

The Need

At any given time there are over 400 children and youth in the foster care system in Kings County. Why do they need CASA?

Children in foster care have no parental voice. They have been legally separated from their parents because of abuse and neglect, their parents cannot speak for what is in their best interests.

Children in foster care experience frequent disruption and change. It starts when they are removed from their parents, but it doesn’t end there. These changes are often significant and can include where they live and go to school, friendships, social workers, and health care providers.

Children in foster care experience abuse, neglect, and other forms of trauma that impacts their physical and mental health, academic achievement, and more.


Our Mission

Advocates giving a voice to abused and neglected
children in foster care; investing in hopeful futures.